Gerbera Media Server

Gerbera, formerly Mediatomb from what I understand.
Before I converted my NAS over to a headless endeavour/plasma system,
I used nas4free/miniDLNA.

After moving server over to endeavour, I’ve been using minDLNA/readymedia, and for testing stuff UMS Media Server.

While I like the simplicity of getting miniDLNA running, Gerbera is a little more involved and offering a few more tweaks/customization to basic functions like custom icons for your media server, which you can do to UMS Media server as well, but UMS Transcodes EVERYTHING, so no pausing or ffwd n stuff.

blah blah, blah blah Gerbera seems real cool…a bit touchy when config in web ui, crashes sometimes when setting wrong setting but found it seems to be a protection from messing up your sql.db file.

bottom line, have roku, won’t play avi files unless transcoded.
just wondered if anyone else using Gerbera and your thoughts.