"Geometry" in Termite no longer working?

I cannot set starting size of the Termite window anymore, the command in the config, Geometry = XxY is no longer working? Or am I doing something wrong?

Ah. The option has been removed since 2019(!) so no longer a valid terminal to use for me. :frowning:

These are the terminals currently supported by the EOS apps:


Maybe one of them would be OK?

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The problem is not EOS apps, it’s that the devs of Termite literally have removed the option to set starting dimensions of the terminal window since they now completely aim for only being used by tiling window managers, apparently, which is too bad since it is a very good terminal and way easier to configure than any other minimal terminal out there.

Edit: Correction: The reason it was removed is that it is no longer supported in the toolkit they are using but the devs are not concerned enough about it (and I don’t mean that in an angry way!!) to create a workaround since it is primarely used in tiling WMs anyway.

They’ve even removed the option to always start the window maximized.

I do like Alacritty but I find running the noevoueuyeye… (I can never spell french words, apologies) drivers that the font rendering is far inferior in Alacritty compared to any other terminal I have tried. Probably because it is all done in the GPU.

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Perhaps Kitty? All done in the GPU too tbh but much more featureful

And there is a bunch of others in the AUR.

Changing a terminal sucks, because one is used to it, but there are so many to choose from, there is something for everyone.

Personally, I love Konsole. I think it is, by far, the best terminal emulator. However, unless one is using KDE Plasma, I would not recommend it, since it has so many dependencies.

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Yeah, most probably people get used to one or two terminals. That’s natural and OK. That’s why we have a few supported terminals in the list.

What does a terminal supported by the EOS apps mean?

Many native EOS apps use terminals for very simple things like

  • running a sequence of CLI commands
  • ask user to press ENTER key in the end

These EOS apps use certain syntax how to run commands in a terminal. And there is the question: does a particular terminal support the way EOS apps are using it? The listed ones above are known to do so. Then there are known terminals that do not. And not every terminal is even tested, simply because there are so many of them. Only a selection of the most popular terminals are tested and known to work.

However, it does not mean other terminals cannot be used with EOS. They do work as expected for most things, but simply some EOS apps may fail to use them.

Sorry @Beardedgeek72 , this post is a bit off-topic. Just wanted to explain the relationship between EOS and some terminals.


I have not used Termite that much, but it is a very good one and as I said unlike ST and URXVT it is not a pain to configure; it is even easier to configure than Alacritty, almost as easy as Xfce4 terminal or others with a GUI preference window.

I use Xfce4-terminal as I usually do, now, and it is quite frankly one of the better ones. I find, again, that it too has better font rendering than Alacritty. But yeah, it sucks a bit because Termite is basically the only truly lightweight terminal that I can bother with, the others are just too much of a pain to configure to be practical. Especially using Fish, that doesn’t read all the basic X config files (which (sidenote, I know) running Fish as default shell means flatpaks doesn’t work properly).

Settled for Termite anyway for the time being; main reason is that at least it’s answering to the tiling shortcuts so SUPER+UP for example turns it basically into a drop down terminal and so on.