General question about upgrade size

Hi, just out of curiosity,

I haven’t used my machine for a while.
Now updating it says
Total Download size 1120MiB
Total installed 4884MiB
Net upgrade Size -82MiB

Why is the net upgrade in the minus ??

I guess it means the updated packages are smaller than the ones they replaced.

Have you not upgraded since the linux-firmware split perhaps?


It’s getting rid of the bloat. :star_struck:


What’s that?
And yes I have’nt updated the system for at least 10 days.

This >>

But that is now one month old news.

thank you.
Nothing for me to worry about, then. (As I don’t unedrstand a word of what it says…:smile: )

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You must have done the update back then and you’re good.
@dalto's “the updated packages are smaller than the ones they replaced” is the more likely explanation then.

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