Gdm with weird message

I installed gnome according to the arch wiki:
by installing packages gnome and gnome-extra.

After reboot I login with gdm. But when I hit enter after I gave my password I see this:


Then it takes a while before the gdm screen disappears and the gnome desktop appears.

What is that about?

I think this is the same thing as in the post above


That did the trick. Thanks.

But why is that message left over after the installation of EndeavourOS?

this BUG comes with the latest archiso we do use since last release, we already removed that, but currently we can not build a new ISO as installer (calamares) needs to be updated first.


and take a look at the massive included packages come with gnome-extra group, a lot stuff insid eyou may never will use :wink:

gnome gnome-tweaks nautilus-sendto gnome-nettool gnome-usage adwaita-icon-theme chrome-gnome-shell xdg-user-dirs-gtk will be a full GNOME without all that stuff