Games render at 60fps but run like slideshow

Hello all,
I am running EndeavourOS fully updated with SwayWM and the performance in games on my machine is absolutely horrendous.

According to DXVK Hud, the games are running at 60fps but the actual experience feels like 25-30ish fps.

However on i3 WM, this issue doesn’t exist at all while using picom-ftlabs-git.

I am out of clues. Any help is appreciated.

EDIT: Just tried to game on Wayfire and the issue doesn’t exist there at all. Games run fine on Wayland under Wayfire.

I don’t use Sway and haven’t used it in a long time but I remember having to also include my refresh rate in my display configuration that it looks something like this.

output DP-1 resolution 1920x1080@144Hz position 1920,0

Did do that as well?

Still getting choppy framerates.

It maybe useful to share your Sway configuration here, just to see what your display configuration looks like and if someone else comes a long that might notice something that could fix your problem.


One thing I do notice is that you copied the exact line I gave you and pasted it in your own configuration. You have to find out what options your own displays have by running swaymsg -t get_outputs and then using that to customize your display configuration in Sway because your resolution and output interface can be different and I would put that at the top under the section " “Output configuration”.

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Marking as solved. Got this same issue on xf4wm . Deemed impossible to fix there and I expect it to be the same here as well on Sway. Hyprland und Wayfire work perfect. Switched entirely to Wayfire . Thanks for the effort brother/sir.

It could be a bug or an issue with Sway, Hyprland or some other component that either of those use with their Wayland implementation since it works for Wayfire. I have heard though that Xfce doesn’t really perform well with gaming anyways used Xfce in a long time for my desktop.

I did a web search and I came across an open issue, I think you might be running into this since it’s an issue for both Sway and Hyprland.

Well i don’t think my hardware supports VRR.

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I have one last idea but it probably won’t matter since you switched to Wayfire.

In the default SwayWM, I see an include which you don’t have in your SwayWM config.

include @sysconfdir@/sway/config.d/*

Maybe that includes something, that your Sway environment might need?

Several years ago I was using SwayWM and my gaming was smoothing on it, but a few weeks ago I threw away my old configuration so I’m not able to share it to see if it might have helped you.

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Thanks and cheers man ! I accidentally might have deleted that line while cleaning up my sway config. This solved it . Grazie fratello.

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I’m glad that fixed it, couldn’t think of anything else that it could have been.

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