Game that relies on MP3s not playing sound

Recently I’ve created a Windows XP WINEPREFIX and installed a bunch of my old games on it. One of them being Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome, with UPatch 1.1 Release 4 applied.

The patch brings mp3 music to the game, but the game isn’t playing it.

I’ve installed all the Wine dependencies under pacman -Qi wine and I’m running wine-staging. Winetricks is also installed.

Is there anything specific I need to do to get Wine working with mp3 music in games?

Try to set prefix as Windows 7, that alone probably should fix it

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Nope, same problem.

No, it should work as is though…
So it’s probably specific game or setup problem :thinking:

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Show full output of pacman -Qi wine please

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[emilie@arch ~]$ pacman -Qi wine
Name            : wine-staging
Version         : 6.16-1
Description     : A compatibility layer for running Windows programs - Staging branch
Architecture    : x86_64
URL             :
Licenses        : LGPL
Groups          : None
Provides        : wine=6.16  wine-wow64=6.16
Depends On      : attr  lib32-attr  fontconfig  lib32-fontconfig  lcms2  lib32-lcms2  libxml2  lib32-libxml2  libxcursor  lib32-libxcursor  libxrandr  lib32-libxrandr  libxdamage  lib32-libxdamage  libxi  lib32-libxi  gettext  lib32-gettext  freetype2
                  lib32-freetype2  glu  lib32-glu  libsm  lib32-libsm  gcc-libs  lib32-gcc-libs  libpcap  lib32-libpcap  faudio  lib32-faudio  desktop-file-utils
Optional Deps   : giflib [installed]
                  lib32-giflib [installed]
                  libpng [installed]
                  lib32-libpng [installed]
                  libldap [installed]
                  lib32-libldap [installed]
                  gnutls [installed]
                  lib32-gnutls [installed]
                  mpg123 [installed]
                  lib32-mpg123 [installed]
                  openal [installed]
                  lib32-openal [installed]
                  v4l-utils [installed]
                  lib32-v4l-utils [installed]
                  libpulse [installed]
                  lib32-libpulse [installed]
                  alsa-plugins [installed]
                  lib32-alsa-plugins [installed]
                  alsa-lib [installed]
                  lib32-alsa-lib [installed]
                  libjpeg-turbo [installed]
                  lib32-libjpeg-turbo [installed]
                  libxcomposite [installed]
                  lib32-libxcomposite [installed]
                  libxinerama [installed]
                  lib32-libxinerama [installed]
                  opencl-icd-loader [installed]
                  lib32-opencl-icd-loader [installed]
                  libxslt [installed]
                  lib32-libxslt [installed]
                  libva [installed]
                  lib32-libva [installed]
                  gtk3 [installed]
                  lib32-gtk3 [installed]
                  gst-plugins-base-libs [installed]
                  lib32-gst-plugins-base-libs [installed]
                  vulkan-icd-loader [installed]
                  lib32-vulkan-icd-loader [installed]
                  sdl2 [installed]
                  lib32-sdl2 [installed]
                  vkd3d [installed]
                  lib32-vkd3d [installed]
                  sane [installed]
                  libgphoto2 [installed]
                  gsm [installed]
                  ffmpeg [installed]
                  cups [installed]
                  samba [installed]
                  dosbox [installed]
Required By     : winetricks
Optional For    : lutris-git
Conflicts With  : wine  wine-wow64
Replaces        : None
Installed Size  : 464.59 MiB
Packager        : Felix Yan <>
Build Date      : Sun 29 Aug 2021 12:33:04 AM CEST
Install Date    : Thu 09 Sep 2021 01:39:53 AM CEST
Install Reason  : Explicitly installed
Install Script  : Yes
Validated By    : Signature

[emilie@arch ~]$ 

Lutris as launcher, right?
Why do you use lutris-git instead of usual lutris, perhaps it’s the problem?

Other than that, not sure what else to advice, perhaps someone else would know better :upside_down_face:

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Not using Lutris - the games are individually installed on a Wine prefix. I installed Lutris just to see if I could get Warcraft III running (which was a disaster lol).

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Is your system playing MP3 in general (outside wine)?

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Maybe installing mpg123 solves your problem (if not already installed). Read it in a wine related thread somewhere.

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It is already installed :c