Game Setup Crashed On Its Own

So I was running a crcked installer for GTA IV yesterday and the installer started off just fine .
I selected 50% ram and 75% cpu in the options for install .

Everything was going well and after 10 mins the computer screen turned off due to my power settings .

After about 30 mins later , I came back to see the progress only to find the installer nowhere , prolly crashed and half baked files of the game in the installation directory .

After that , I ran the installer 2 times and the game was successfully installed with no issues.

Curious to know what could have caused that sudden crash without any wine error or something.


Probably the program crashed while installing as crvked games’ installers are known to have issues with wine in decompressing . Memory usage full , cpu usage full, any of the following factors could have caused this behaviour , might be a WINE issue (although unlikely as it worked fine in the next 2 runs but could be a WINE issue) , who knows ?

So marking this as solved as no other issues have been observed by me and I have stopped being increasingly OCD and panicking about any smol issues as I know , I have a strong supporting Endeavour OS community and power of Google searches by my side.

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