Galileo ISO, any way to export old Plasma customizations to it?

When the Galileo ISO comes out, will all users be forced to install on a fresh desktop configuration for Plasma? I saw the video showing the install but I’m not sure if there was an option to adopt the old config. I have so many tweaks made that I wouldn’t even remember everything that was done.


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There is no need to reinstall. Just keep updating your system as you normally would to be on the latest version of all the packages you have on your system.

That said, you could have a look at the release notes for the new ISO and see if there are any new “features” introduced that you might want (or not) implement on your current system.


Even if you decide to reinstall - not necessary as @pebcak pointed out - as long as your /home is on a separate partition from /, then your settings will be safe.


pebcak, how do i individually add any features that I may want to implement? can it be done through yay or would this possibly be through adding packages via pacman?

ajgringo619, how can I install a fresh copy of the Galileo ISO and have it reference my old /home in order for it to operate based on my original desktop config?

Thank you both!

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Which new features interest you? A large number of the changes are changes to the installation process that don’t apply to an existing install.

In general, you don’t need to “upgrade” anything with a new release.


You’ll have to use manual partitioning. When selecting your old home partition, configure its mount point, but be absolutely certain that you select “Keep” instead of “Format”. I’ve already done this with EOS 3-4 times without a problem.


Thanks, dalto. I haven’t found the release notes but you have now cleared any reservations I had about features being omitted through normal updating. I’ll just follow the normal update course!

Thank you for clarifying how it works, ajgringo619. Should a day come where I must do a fresh ISO install, I’ll keep your notes for reference.

As already has been said, most of the changes in this new ISO concern the installation process.

If you like you could have a look here:


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