(FYI) Small research: Firefox -1 fix (pesky google web pages login) -2 Extension for repetitive cookie questions

Hello! (FYI)

I did a small search with Ecosia to try to get rid of the pesky “google login pop-up” that follows us on a lot of web pages. I consider this Web pollution! :unamused:

Here’s my find: (probably some people already know it; but others might find it useful :slight_smile: )
→ From M. jscher2000 a bit down below. ( choose “Cross-site tracking cookies” and build your way up )

In french Canadian it’s the first one we start to choose and increment to needs:

The other one is a nice extension I never saw before. It’s called Consent-O-Matic.

It’s to get rid of the really annoying questions about Cookies - with yes, no, etc that gives our web browsing pages a bad experience; again web pollution.

Reduced images:

Happy experimenting !


I guess uBO can also do this:



Yes you are right my friend! it was one of the solutions during my small search.
Please feel free to add more. I think the web pollution is getting really bad :wink:

P.S. if anybody finds typos please advise me. Jack is all over my keyboard … :wink: :cat2: and also disrupting Cabrel’s sleep :dog: (snoring burnese mountain …)

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It is just nice that there are more than one way to make an omelette :yum:

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Thx God for ublock origin filters!

Not only it’s BLOAT, but also a security issue that most websites have, as well as Goolag adsense…disgusting.


It’s really terrible … you go on and it keeps coming back. Cancer stuff …


Thank you kindly both :smiley:



Well… blocking ALL cookies except the one whitelisted is the better way to go imho.

umm … That makes sense :thinking:
I’ll continue my research to better educate myself. :open_book:

For the last couple of minutes, I’ve been trying different websites that need some basic activation ; banking etc.

And the tweaking done on my firefox since this afternoon was documented as not perfect but a good start; step in the right direction …

That makes your point relevant :ok_hand:

Thanks for sharing! I’ve also been reading a lot on Open culture (the link shared by our friend in Germany) and everything works well.

:wave: Take care :slight_smile:

I’ve got about:config so tightly tamped down and cookies sent to FPI, so I’m immune from much of that. I tried arkenfox it’s amateur hour compared to the stuff I’ve learned and I consider myself know-nothing. No GDPR stuff in my stateside model.
two cents no one asked: I’m glad ecosia worked for a solution. ddg doesn’t do crap anymore, brave in it’s infancy, and mojeek’s focus is the obscure. ecosia a good tip I have never used…
…great post.
I also consider your cross-tracking setting the best as far as cookies.

uBlock Origin = meh and all the subscriptions
Umatrix = Wrecks every page ootb til you adjust it. As it should be. Lovely!

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Umatrix is dead… Loved it, but it’s dead. Ublock in restrictive mode can perform almost as well…

Perhaps I will try it. I know maintainer turned all his attention to Ubo and abandoned umatrix project…but it’s still incredibly effective…and incredibly vulnerable I suppose?

I think I bolted everything down to the usability I was looking for.
Special thank you to the completing knowledge of Mr. Pebcak µbloc:

The last websites that were poluted ( ebay.ca and newegg.ca ) are now good with an adjustment in Privacy Badger extension:


Next to the red triangle, I moved the TAB to the left. It becomes RED and it won’t come back. :slight_smile:


Thank you my friends, from a good old user of free software :wave:



Tried using uBlock to prevent the pop-up, but because I’m using containers it actually just fails to load then opens a new tab which also fails to load, and it would do that endlessly unless I quickly close the tabs.

I believe this is specific to the fact that I am using FF containers as in one of my FF profiles, there are no containers, I’m not logged into g00lag, and it goes straight to the page - bypassing the consent pop-up.

Same set of extensions in either browser.

EDIT: Just tested going to the site in the first profile and if I click “Reject all”, this also causes it to fail to load and opens a new tab requesting the same annoying permission. ← This is without the uBlock filter for “annoyances”.

So, yeah… g00lag is really anti-open internet and anti-anything non-chromium based. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Umm … I don’t have this behavior but your container setup might ignite some research of users right now.
I can contribute what I’m using here:

Feel free to document your experimentation ; I’ll probably learn a lot :thinking:

edit: Latest extension adjustment.

The containers that I have (in both profiles) that affect site loading are uBlock, FF containers, CanvasBlocker, and Windscribe.

Edit: Made a mistake, FF containers is not in the second profile.

Ah … I’ll go do some reading on CanvasBlocker, Windscribe.
Thanks for the information.

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