FYI - Jshelter extension - difficulties ref: Manifest V3 API


One of the extensions I’ve been using for some time. (GPL v3 :slight_smile: )

  1. Seems that the number of users has been going down. But I think this is the reason … maybe … ( link above ).

  2. My banking still works with it; so I’m not encountering to much websites that complain about the extension.

  3. As I see the number of users going down on Firefox, I’m not to sure about it’s survival …

  4. I don’t have the numbers on the Chromium family of browsers, but I know it can be used also with them.

Additional source:

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Good afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen, ( good evening in Europe :slight_smile: ),

I saw the numbers of users going up recently. From 450 to 500 ( Firefox extensions ).
And a new article about the last changes about Jshelter: 6 december 12:51 pm - 2 days ago.

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