FYI: fstrim does not support NTFS3 (yet)

After fixing a minor glitch with some file corruption, I have resumed using NTFS3 as its speed increases are just too good to ignore. On that note, I have found that fstrim does not currently support it. Since this seems to be a known issue, I guess we’ll have to wait until an update is presented.

Here is the error message I get when running fstrim manually:

$ fstrim -v /media/VMs
fstrim: /media/VMs: the discard operation is not supported

ntfs3 has a discard mount option. That should do the trick.

This is not the preferred option for me. I do not use discard with any of my SSD partitions, using the weekly fstrim.timer via systemd instead. For now, I’ve re-enabled TRIM support for this filesystem when I’m using Windows.

I wonder why this would be required of ntfs3 for TRIM to work?

interesting issue :wink:
could have trim included

The package maintainer mentions that it is no longer necessary if you’re using the v5.15 kernel, unless you’re testing “bleeding-edge updates”.