Fuzzy Finder

I am new to Linux and EOS but as a non techy/geek, my approach has always been to make my life easier when using Linux.
I stumbled upon fuzzy finder. To my opinion, the best and the most powerful software that exist on this planet. I urge anyone to try it


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Why not fzy or skim? There are 4 variants that show up in the community repo…

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While I don’t doubt the usefulness of fuzzy finder, and even occasionally use it, I think this is a gross overstatement. It’s a nifty little tool.


Sure thing, Powerful as in the usefulness of the software. It apparently work on Win as well. Strangely enough I never found it before. Having said that I am not an IT guy.
As far trying others, of course. If they bring the same usefulness and simplicity to my workflow, I am all for it. I just stumbled upon that one first and did not dig any further.
Now with 33k+ stars, its kind of hard to argue against the mass…
Plus it integrates with zsh which is a must for me as I am using zsh mainly/only…This is also a brilliant piece of software that I discovered a couple of weeks back and can’t live without now…