Funtoo Keychain does not show output

keychain --help does not produce any output and seems to hang.
However, both sh keychain --help and bash keychain --help seem to work fine.
This happens both in xfce4-terminal and tty.
How to fix?

What is your default shell?

The funtoo keychain has a dependancy on bash, which explains why sh/bash work.

The odd thing is tty, as generally for EOS that is bash. Have you used chsh (or some other way) to change the system shell?

$SHELL prints /bin/bash for both terminal and tty
Every thing seems to point to bash but keychain by itself seems to hang.
/bin/bash keychain also works
I do not recall using chsh

[underscore@GrapesJuicyJuice ~]$ echo $SHELL
[underscore@GrapesJuicyJuice ~]$ which sh
[underscore@GrapesJuicyJuice ~]$ ls -l /usr/bin/sh
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 4 May 21 05:56 /usr/bin/sh -> bash
[underscore@GrapesJuicyJuice ~]$ which bash

Found the offending line

[underscore@GrapesJuicyJuice ~]$ alias keychain
alias keychain='eval $(keychain --eval --quiet id_ed25519)'

I think I copied this line from arch wiki. gotta go find and remove now.

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