Frustrated Noob -- Eager To learn

Hello, I am hoping to find someone that wouldn’t mind helping me out. I recently made the transition from Windows to Linux OS Yesterday I had wiped and started with a fresh install. The only changes I have really made were removing firewalld (as I was not allowed to change any of the configuration), installed ufw only to find that enabling it through systemctl does not persist through reboot, and followedthis guide but find that the conf files set tend to vanish also on reboot.
Attempting to use the helpful ‘Applications Installation’ GUI has also proven to not install anything either.
I am quite new to this os, but I am struggling trying to figure out where to start on solving these issues.
Here is a link to the logs that I grabbed before coming here.

Any help would be greatly welcomed. I am a noob, but I am a quick learner… Just need a bit of guidance.

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systemctl enable ufw.service

Welcome to the purple side, Mr. Foxer.

While we all appreciate everyone trying our favorite linux distribution, I need to ask: Are you sure that in your state of knowledge a “Terminal centric Arch based distribution” is really the right choice? There are other distributions that cater more to the newer linux users. Linux Mint or Ubuntu are both good choices for beginning linux users.

Persisting a service start is done by systemctl enable <servicename>, you probably used systemctl start <servicename>, which only starts the service, but that is lost with a reboot.

Software is installed by a terminal application. Many use yay, which is compatible to pacman (the original package manager), but supports the AUR. I would suggest using yay.

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Thank you, I spent the last 6 months combing through various distros starting with the obvious LM > Ubuntu > MX > Fedora… and briefly a few others. To be honest Arch is on the list to try, and the CLI engagement is more of a personal goal of conquering!

As for the persist issue, weirdly after uninstalling, and reinstalling ufw, it now persists facepalm

I appreciate the quick responses though, and will try to be a bit more patient in the future.

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