From XFCE to KDE

In next year I would like to switch to KDE. Would someone help me with what should be changed to not have a screen lock / automatic screen block?

Preferably screenshots

Thank you


That is the second thingy I do on a fresh KDE - first one is to “repair” doubleclick / single click. Whoever at KDE thought that would be a good idea must be a very special butterfly…

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Sadly they’ve heard you, double-clicking is the default starting in Plasma 6, to accommodate benighted Windows users and ex-users.

Well this very special butterfly thinks single-click-to-open is much more rational than double-click.

One opens files and folders much more often than one selects them, and neither CTRL+click, dragging, or clicking the little + are particularly difficult when you do need to select stuff.

Trading a great increase in efficiency in frequent cases for a mild decrease in infrequent cases is a good trade. Huffman codes, but with clicks instead of bits :slight_smile:

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Single-clicker here. Double-click, too much wearing out the index finger :rofl:


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I agree with this, but only for Dolphin. Every other file manager I’ve tested is kinda stupid when it comes to single-click.

I love Nemo, but if I drag to select multiple files while single-click active, it will try to open all the files in individual windows/apps. :roll_eyes:

And I think with Thunar drag-selecting is just not a thing if single-click is active. It will instead drag the file. :person_facepalming:

PS: And yes I mean drag-selecting from an empty area. :sweat_smile:

Single click vs double click is a strangely controversial topic.

That being said, the good/bad news is that the default is changing to double click with plasma 6.

Sometimes I get an impression that almost everything is a controversial topic in the Linuxland.
Strangely! :sweat_smile:


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