Friend is forced to manually partition, what should he do?

He has a 128GiB (to be more precise, 119.24 GiB) NVME drive and wants to entirely install Linux on it and remove Windows, and use Sytemd, KDE, basically all the defaults. But unlike for me, the option to simply do all the partitioning for him is not there. I’ve tried Googling this relentlessly but the search result quality is very low. One thing I’ve seen is that some things next to the device drop down are related to why, boot settings or something. The one on the left shows EFI, and the one on the right is GPT. However the few results I found stated this is what was needed for EndeavorOS’s auto partitioning to show up. In this case, it didn’t. I also don’t think either of us want to go back into the BIOS and see if there are different settings to booting into his live EndeavorOS USB. Both of us had severe frustrations navigating HP’s shitty BIOS menu design and we’d rather not go back to it if possible.

If it is relevant, here are the PC specs?

I keep hitting dead-ends trying to follow instructions and giving them to him. Trying to resize partitions that come first to be bigger and push the other ones forward apparently don’t work. We can’t reorder the partitions either for some reason. We’ve even tried removing all partitions, and re-creating them from scratch but for some reason it just won’t let him make more after the first 1024 partition for the bootloader. I wish I could give him hands-on help but we are online friends. Booting into Windows and doing the partition management there is not an option since the need to try Linux was fueled by Windows bricking itself, making it no longer accessible.

What are some simple steps to follow to manually partition his hard drive, completely remove the Windows stuff and put the EndeavorOS stuff on it? Neither of us know what we’re doing when it comes to partitioning so please be concise.

Thanks in advance for any answers. Hoping this info helps to give the right idea of what one would need to just clean the hard drive, and install EOS into it.

Solved: Using GParted, we were able to click “Device > Create Partition Table > gpt” and then after letting it wipe the drive, and restarting, EndeavorOS was able to install.


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