Fried computer right before travel

Well well, I just plugged in the power adapter in my Lenovo carbon x1, the computer seems to have shutdown forever. On top of it I have to catch a plane tomorrow morning and need to recover work. Fortunately I did a nextcloud backup of all my files and folders yesterday night.

Anyways I can take the hardisk out of that laptop and hope to run it on another hardware, my hope would be that my Linux install and programs still work, so I don’t have to set up everything from scratch. Would that work at all?

Else it will be faster to slap eos on there and upload my files from nextcloud and reinstall all my software I guess.

Edit: ps I have to confess that on this laptop I was running pop OS, but I am a loyal eos user

Why this thread in the pub you ask? Well I guess, did you ever have your computer fail in the worst moments? tell us your story and how you didn’t freak out, or help me (even better :sweat_smile:).

Should work just fine, I’ve hardware hopped Linux many times.

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I you make it an external drive (in a case or such), and the new/other PC has similar CPU and GPU setup, you’ll most probably have a working system, booting from external. If this works, make it internal drive and retest.

I was wondering if I can put in that SSD drive into the other laptop, but hardware may be an issue, as it is a different older Lenovo.

Miracle, swapping the SSD and managed to boot my system!


You seem to have mostly compatible hardware for the drivers, especially for graphics.

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Sounds like literally everyday for me throughout life. Hahaha.

I have external SSD options available always just in case. I can setup a computer to use in an hour or less, the files unless encrypted can be accessed pretty easily.

Sucks about the carbon. I’m very sad to hear about one dropping dead. Try and fix it.

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For sure but it’s still under warranty. Will see what they say, if I need to send it in.

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I think the only time you might end up with an issue with swapping hard drives into another computer would be when you are going from one that may not have an Nvidia driver to one without it or vise versa, or maybe some proprietary wifi card or something like that. outside of that, all of the drivers are built into the kernel, so it should just work.

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Lenovo al dente :pinched_fingers:


More like Lenovo Carbonara :rofl: :pinched_fingers: