Freshness of the release on the 15th?

See topic.
Just wondering how fresh the iso will be on the 15th?

I am rather itching about getting away from Manjaro but the beta install seems a little old by now (but looks good!): About 100 updates, and at least 4 that require manual intervention.

Hi @Beardedgeek72

EndeavourOS isn’t in comparison with Manjaro, unlike Manjaro we don’t hold back updates. After install you’ll be having a system that rolls with Arch, so there will be (mostly) daily updates coming from Arch. On the manual intervention; once in a while (and those are rare) you’ll be needing a manual intervention to do an update, but we will inform you on that one. On the freshness part of the installation: It’s very fresh.
On the looks department: The beta releases didn’t have a polished look, the stable version will have a more polished look.
Joe gave a little sneak peak:

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I know how it works, I’ve used both Antergos, Arch and SwagArch. :slight_smile: thanks for a quick answer and it does look great

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Sorry for the newbie explanation, I didn’t know.:wink:

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No worries :slight_smile:

Btw One thing that’s really good with the Calamares installer is that for people like me who want US English but Swedish units it just sets them automatically. :slight_smile:

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if ever a popular consensus is asked: my vote is for the Calamares installer

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Just wish it had a network option.

Oh and I want that NOW. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hello Bryan,
In regards to the release on the 15th is it still only going to be an offline installer with only the Xfce version? Does the current Beta Rookie ISO support installing to Uefi? I am waiting for the ability to install a desktop of choice on my Uefi system that is dual boot Windows 10 and i only want to do it once. I have installed the Xfce version numerous times solely on my MBR system. I am satisfied with the software that is on the ISO such as Firefox and Kalu which i wasn’t familiar with before. I normally have used Cinnamon for the most part because i always found on Antergos to be less problematic with updates. I have been trying out Plasma and i did compare Antergos Xfce which is very good. I have converted my Uefi system over to Arch but i would like to eventually reinstall EndeavourOS using the online installer with the desktop i choose. I just want an Arch based system and am looking forward to EndeavourOS being my main Linux OS. I know all of you are working relentlessly to get things going and i appreciate all the effort. Looking forward for things to come.

Hi, welcome on the forum.
The online installer needs a lot of work, so, unfortunately, yes we are launching EndeavourOS with just the offline installer.
Calamares figures it out by default which system it’s on, so a UEFI install should be possible. (Again should be, if there are members who’ve tried it, let us know if it works or not)

calamares have a netinstall module

it is indeed working, we jet do not know if this is the fact on all EFI/UEFI systems but we do not get anyone testing it with an issue related to EFI…

Great work guys from a Arch user here.


Hi @mandog
Thank you for the compliment and welcome on the forum.

calamares does indeed find my UEFI discs fine what it does not do is add esp boot for some reason the work round after install fire up gparted and set esp boot it is the same with Artix installs.
but have you thought about the architect arch installer not Manjaro i think the git page is still their, just clone it no problem its old non maintained but was still working 6 months ago its a good base as you can install 10 desktops, has simple or advanced features our last update was luks and encryption

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I never auto-setup, I always run gparted and make all the partitions before running the installer.

I was just thinking that. I don’t know if I am in the minority, but I like Calamares over something like Cinchi, but wished Cal did both online and offline installs. But if I have to vote for one, it would be Cal.


Hi, nice to see you over here as well. We are currently looking into the Calamares net installer for our online installer that is coming early fall. :wink:

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I understand that Endeavour OS should work with the UEFI/BIOS activated. Is that right?

Will it work (install) with Secure Boot activated too or should that be disabled?

I assume that it will also install perfectly with BOTH UEFI and Secure Boot disabled.

Which of those above is the most preferable settings in order to install (and use) Endeavour OS?


needs to be disabled, as we are using almost default archlinux system setup.