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New here so likely asking in the wrong location. Sorry about that in advance.

My question is how to get a “dual boot” setup working. I have both this distro as well as Mint installed on a junk laptop. I can only access this install unless I get creative and look for the Mint install. I have done various systems before with 2 or 3 variants without issue but have not been able to get it working with this one. I have attempted a few fixed based on what I could find around the net and here but obviously am doing something incorrect.

Can anyone suggest a fix or provide a link to an effective post that I may not have found? If so I would appreciate your input.


I did try that before now that I see it again but it tells me I cannot save the file once the edit is made as I don’t have the proper permissions.

Welcome @Drifter

The instructions are there in the wiki for editing the default grub file. You have to use an editor such as nano to edit the file with elevated privileges. This will allow you to save the edited file. You need to save the edited grub file that you opened with nano and then generate a new grub.cfg with the command that’s shown.

Using nano open the file with this command.

sudo nano /etc/default/grub

Edit: To save the file is

ctrl + o then enter

To exit

ctrl + x

Then regenerate a new grub.cfg with the command given.


@ricklinux @Stagger_Lee

Thank you both! I am off to do a restart but it appears that it has done its intended job.’


This is the command…

sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg


So nice to be back in the Linux world. Just have to get back to understanding a few things.

I marked one solution but there was more than one and I appreciate everyones help. It is working nicely.


@Stagger_Lee pointed you in the right direction. I thought you just needed a little extra help but i did want you to follow the wiki he pointed you to. So i didn’t give it all to you. Glad it’s working.

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Correct although I was still missing the remainder either due to not seeing the requirements or it not being there. I find it nice that a community works to help newcomers. So hard to find these days and I am appreciative of that. Thanks again all. Now lets see what I can break… :laughing:

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