Fresh systemd-boot install with LUKS - keyfile is missing

Dear community,

I just did a fresh installation with Endeavouros_Cassini_Nova-03-2023_R3.

During the installation I selected systemd-boot with swapfile and btrfs. Additionally set a check mark at encryption.
I also selected erase hard disk.

The installation runs cleanly.

After selecting EOS in the boot menu, I am prompted "Please enter a passphrase for disk endeavouros (luks-******).

My password chosen during the installation is not accepted. I have also reinstalled once for safety. Same problem.

I found the following output in the journal:

Failed to activate, key file '/crypto_keyfile.bin' missing.

Further down it says:

Failed to activate with specific passphrase. (password incorrect?)

Is this a bug in the installer?

Thank you very much!

This is a problem with the installer but it doesn’t cause any practical problems.

This is the actual issue.

Is it possible it is a keyboard layout issue or a numlock issue with the password?

I though of that too and did the z/y switch for german/english layout. That did not help.

I’ll try it again with a very short passphrase.

Well it worked with 123. So i must have typed it wrong somehow many times.
Sorry to have stolen your time with the embarrassing thing.

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