Fresh Install X keeps crashing

Installed i3 online , apparently everything seems fine but X crashes on sddm , lightdm and on startx , tried all one by one.

here is the xorg log

Any help to fix this please?

I can’t see anything in the log that indicates a crash.

If this is happening on login then it’s likely a permissions issue, therefore switch to TTY and:

sudo chown -R $USER: $HOME

Is it crashing or just keeps kicking you to login?
If it’s the former just install the lts kernel from tty sudo pacman -S linux-lts linux-lts-headers
then sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg and finally reboot in to lts kernel

(If it works, after that you can configure your monitor resolution and other stuff with ArandR and safe the file as , the .sh extension will be added by ArandR)


Thanks it resolved the issue
Wish the installer gives a choice to choose the type of kernel during installation


Kernel choice would be good addition to the install, along with a few notes explaining why there is a choice for newbies who might be unsure which to choose.



pls mark solved , if @Dev0ut post about lts kernel fix your problem …


yes we do think about that option, but as there are some dependencies that needs to be resolved for drivers which are dependent on the installed kernel version this needs some script logic to run and solve that dependencies… easy to do by human, harder to implement automatic.

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