Fresh install with i3

I haven’t used EOS in months since there was a problem with lightdm and kernel update caused issues. Whenever I log in with lightdm it cycles back with a black screen . I can use use another TTY, get into terminal, login and startx. It goes to vanilla x11.

what is the easiest way of removing liightdm and just having a standard i3 config? I created a .xinitrc with exec i3 but now getting GTK-warning cannot open display 0

on a macbook air 2012

You can easily uninstall it with pacman or disable the service from running.

However, it would probably be better to fix it. Lightdm issues are usually not that hard to deal with.

I would start by updating your system and then testing lightdm as described here. The errors that are output here are usually pretty useful and if it isn’t obvious how to solve the problem from the error you could post the output here.

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Did you set the monitor up with arandr?