Fresh Install, Installer questions/thoughts

Still using KDE, love it.

Due to some sort of fluke, I had an nvidia error start showing up in updates.

At the time, my system still had touches of antergos here and there, boot screens and stuff, who knows what else…

Fully Antergos free now on my main system with the latest installer

I simply thought I would share some of what I went through, maybe ideas to help save time.

My old boot partition was ext4, it still booted Endeavour.
After multiple crashes of using the installer…all the way at the end of install, is when it would crash, this cost some time.

I put the esp flag on the boot partition in gparted, but didn’t know it had to be fat32 formatted.

Will a future installer warn you about boot partition format as well as have the esp flag option in it?

Inbetween figuring that out, once the root had been formatted once and had a user assigned to it, the installer crashes because
there is already a user with that same name assigned to it already, so you can’t skip formatting it to save time
by skipping putting files on it that are already fresh installed.

Was wondering if future installer might detect, and ask if you want to use the user that is already on root partition
in case you have to do it again for some reason?

That brings me to another question, I keep seperate /home directory using manual partitioning like we all should lol,
Will future installer detect and/or offer to save your previouse home directory in some way…you know, in case of accidents lol?

Several hours went by, and got everything right, in the right order and it went in. Now I’m working on getting all the things running again which goes by pretty quick when all your setting are in your saved home directory, but did run into a few hiccups.

Getting Linux-lts up and going was a bit dodgey at first wouldn’t connect to x-server.
Needed the nvidia-lts drivers, not sure why it didn’t know this on it’s own though.

That fixed that, but then no ethernet in lts. Turns out I had this issue

r8168 for linux-lts was missing
Maybe it was the order in which I did things, or still a few things are getting sorted, but I don’t recall going through
the lts issues before, so…
just pointing out my experience and offering feedback.

Thanks for this great Endeavour your takeing on!