Fresh Install doesn’t get past “GRUB _”

I just freshly installed Endeavour on a self built PC; but upon rebooting, I’m met with a terminal printing “GRUB >_” and a dead end.

I’ve tried reinstalling it and have the same issue.

Does anyone know what could be up with that?

Yup. And there’s wiki pages dealing with just that, have a look at the Installation and System rescue categories.

Hello @Serum
It will probably be necessary to boot on the live ISO and arch-chroot into the system and the reinstall grub and update grub with the proper commands as per the wiki that @ReemZ has provided some links to. That is where i would start as it seems like a grub issue.

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Thanks for the replies!

I’ve chrooted and reinstalled grub to no avail, unfortunately. I gave good old Arch an installation just to make sure every step was taken care of by my own hand and was eventually met with the same error upon rebooting… Could this be a bios problem over GRUB?

I’m going to try a non-arch based distro install next just to try it out but I’m not super hopeful…

We don’t have much information to go on. If you boot on the live ISO and at least gives us a link to the output of the hardware.

inxi -Fxxxz --no-host | eos-sendlog

If you need to install inxi first
sudo pacman -S inxi

Also if the system is UEFI. Have you made sure secure boot and fast boot are disabled and the keys are cleared. Make sure it’s booting UEFI so CSM is disabled. How did you create the live USB? Some methods are problematic.

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Thanks for the help. Sorry for not giving a lot of info. You were correct; though, It was the secure boot. Feels good to be back on Endeavour

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