Frequent Crashing over Months

I had some issue with some asrock bios update, but it reverted automatically…

The system isn’t booting up to get into the Bios according to @dcl. I find it odd that they have a separate page referencing Cpu support only showing Bios version support for P3.20 for this board which is lower than the current version installed. On the main Bios page it doesn’t reference any specific Bios version is not supported. I’ve also done hundreds of updates and no issues always using the latest Bios available unless there is a disclaimer that tells you otherwise for a specific Cpu or motherboard model.

I do a ton of BIOS updates at work too, but those are mostly HP and Dell pre-builts, each of which have their own fancy software to do BIOS updates. I’ve only done two BIOS updates on ASRock MoBos that I own, and now both have gone horribly wrong. The first was completely my fault (I forgot to reformat the flash drive to be FAT32 instead of the NTFS my Windows install had made it), but this time around I didn’t have any mistakes to my knowledge. If I could get into the BIOS at all, I could check the settings, but the computer doesn’t seem to be getting to the BIOS at all.

As far as temp and hardware issues go, I don’t believe it to be either, but I wouldn’t bet money on it. This particular computer has been ornery since I built it in 2019, though I’ve never narrowed down the specific cause to anything in particular. As far as tests I’ve done in the past, I have seen some of the internals get rather warm, but never to the point of damaging itself or shutting off to prevent damage.

I will look into seeing if there is any way for me to roll back to the old, or even older, version that is supported. Fingers crossed! Otherwise, I’ll be looking into ASRock support to see if they can do anything. Worst case scenario, I was already thinking I was going to have to do some hardware updating soon… might just come sooner than I planned!

Maybe this is of any use (if your motherboard support it)

I checked my manual and it doesn’t indicate that it supports flashback… but I’m going to try it anyway! Worst case, it can’t hurt.

Unfortunately my MoBo does not support that feature, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to do anything of the sort. I did find a Reddit post that suggested putting a FAT32 formatted USB with a BIOS file on it into one of the USBs on the MoBo and boot that way, and I tried that too but that didn’t get me anywhere either unfortunately.