Framerate Issue FreeSync + Wayland + Plasma

I discovered a Issue with FreeSync on Wayland with Plasma.
I don’t know if this is the right area in the forum, you can move it if I’m wrong :slightly_smiling_face:

Normally I use X11, but I wanted to use FreeSync on my PC, so I switched to Wayland.
FreeSync works automatic there, kind of.

I discovered that the Framerate of the screen is not stable at the framerate of the graphics card. When the card puts out 96fps the screen is switching between 96fps and 144fps (and some fps numbers between).

Normally with FreeSync the numbers should be the same between gpu and screen (and have been under Windows).

I activated mangohud and the onscreen fps counter of my display, and there the issue is clearly visible.

I have made a slow motion video with my phone, where you can see the fps issue.
The white fps number is the output of mangohud (the gpu) and the yellow number is the fps that the screen detects

Sorry, the download Link to the video is only 7 Days online.
I don’t have an cloud service, so I used wetransfer.

Sorry I forgot my hardware:

  • Rycen 5800X3D
  • 32GB RAM
  • RX6700XT 12GB
  • 1Tb Samsung 970 SSD
  • Acer XF270HU 28" 144Hz FreeSync

I do not have this issue with games on Steam and one of my multiple monitors to display: X FPS (AMDGPU) = Y Hz ± 1 (Monitor)

Try testing other games on Steam if the issue is reproduced.

  • If no, that means some game has the issue.
  • If yes, there is probably something wrong with your monitor or driver.

I have tested now games from GOG, Epic and in Lutris.
Everywere the same issue.

I have tested now with X11 and FreeSync, the configuration is horror.
In games everything is ok with the fps but now I have other Issues on the desktop with FreeSync.

I would like tu use wayland in the future, because there is no configuration needed.
And the desktop has no issues with FreeSync.

I think the issue under wayland is, that the gpu reports to the screen the games fps (96fps) and then the refresh rate (144fps) and then the games fps again and then the refresh rate again and so on