Fractional Scaling Firefox Wayland

Edit: Other related Wayland news


How do you get this wayland-only build?

I’m not entirely sure. Maybe they will have a separate package eventually. :thinking: I just saw this on Phoronix and thought I’d post it.

Building Firefox yourself is probably the only way right now. It seems this package in the AUR is a good start for that.

Chaotic AUR does have a build package.

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thx @I0F

Yes i noticed the one in the AUR also wasn’t sure what the hg stands for?

Mercurial. It’s a tool like git. Sometimes a bit nicer to handle things compared to git. IIRC rolling back is a lot easier, for example.

Okay … but what does the hg stand for? something git?

Symbol of the chemical element Mercury.

Mercury → Mercurial

Oh Okay that makes sense. :laughing: