Found this little gem on the web for a bare bones box

Thinking about upgrading my memory to 32 gb on my current system and replacing my ryzen 5 2400g apu with a ryzen 9 3900xt cpu as that is the beefiest cpu my motherboard can run on the bios available for it. If i do i could drop my apu into this box above… though i still would have to buy laptop memory it seems 32 gb of memeory is 125 on newegg in some off branded form… looks like a sweet little box for htpc i could throw some stuff into it. I’m liking it for the price. newegg says 170 ish us…

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The Asrock Deskmini has been around for well over two years originally with an H110 intel-based motherboard. My Asrock Deskmini A300 (AMD Ryzen) is now two years old. The upgrade to the X300 is not very exciting and I’m waiting for something a little hotter. Are you really thinking of putting a Ryzen 9 cpu in the X300? Will the BIOS support it?

Into my existing motherboard and putting the apu I currently have into the mini box. How did you read that wrong?