Forum update deleted posts

Just a informational post for the forum mods and maintainers.

The latest forum update December 16, 2020 at around 1800 Thailand time (1100 GMT and 0600 EST), deleted some posts that were made just before the update occurred. I know this because I was browsing the forum at the time the update happened. The forum stopped working for about 15 minutes. After the forum came back up, the url of the address of the topic I was reading was “no longer available on the site”. Also, the PM reply I received before the update was also no longer available.

Thank you for your time.



I just woke up so I’m slower than usual.

Has it disappeared posts and PM?

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Thanks for the feedback Mark.

Do you remember the title of the TOPIC where posts disappeared ?

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Sorry, it was the main server that had an issue with an update. To make it work again, I had to reboot the server in the end of the procedure.


Sorry for the delay in responding. I was out to dinner with my wife and I wanted to wait until I got home.

It disappeared posts on a thread and a PM reply.

The topic I was reading when it happened was “A little joke on a regular day.” in the lounge. The topic is back, but I do not know if there are missing posts. I know that a PM response is missing. After I finished reading that thread, I went to click on the PM. That is when the forum stopped responding. When it came back up, the response was not there.

No worries or apologies needed. This kind of thing happens. Since I am in a different time zone than most users, I am used to having server updates and the like happen. I just wanted to let you all know that I think that I noticed some data loss.

The main page of the forum, when it came back up, looked exactly like it did about 30 minutes prior to the “issue”.

I hope that I have not confused everything with my response.

Thank you.



That was due to the fact the server went down, probably the response was posted in the time frame the server was getting “stuck” and I was solving the issue. that whole process took 30 - 40 minutes from the update borking the server to the reboot.


No worries. That is what I thought happened.

I hate it when that happens.

Thank you again for the information and what you do to keep this site up and running.