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I wonder if there will be interest in having a kind of “Fast Lane” chat-like thread for those kind of relatively simple questions that can be answered with a short reply instead of creating a whole new thread for a, for example, yes/no question. Personally I find sometimes that it is a tedious process to find answers to relatively trivial issues no matter how much search-foo is employed while someone in the forum might be able to answer the same just passing by the “Fast Lane” thread. Thanks for reading!

I think it’s wiser to keep such stuff in threads starting with:


Those are easily searchable

For chit-chat we have other channels like Telegram / Reddit…Otherwise it will become just an endless mess of a chat :laughing:

Also i remember Manjaro experimented with adding chat plugin to forum (kinda same idea) - that was total failure :man_facepalming:


For chit-chat we have #lounge and #lounge:endeavour-pub here on the forum as well.
Perhaps the use of “chat-like” expression was unfortunate. What I mean is a “Fast Lane” support thread for those kind of questions that are not frequently asked but can be answered simply by a relative short interchange.

I understand the idea, but I think it will fail in real-time.

The issue is that a lot of people will use that fast lane expecting a fast and instant answer. The reality will be that most users forget to mention important info on what caused the error in the first place, making the threads go longer.

Our Telegram group is the best example of this kind of support. I’m not saying the members over there are impatient or that the telegram support team is doing a bad job. I’m only saying that people who use the Telegram group initially, are expecting a fast and instant solution. Most of the time, the issue needs more trial and error, just because a lot of people forget or aren’t aware that their own actions (most of the time) caused the issue.

PEBCAK? :wink:


Why am I seeing myself in that picture?

But seriously, I understand your reasoning.
Perhaps I am personally reluctant to create a new topic, for an issue that I have struggled with, no matter how closely I have read the wiki pages, knowing that most probably it is a simple syntax error in a command line. And so on.

I don’t have any experience from those others support platforms, like Telegram etc (also trying to deplattform myself from many places) but I do get as well how such threads could become unmanageable in the long run.

Thanks for paying attention @Bryanpwo and @keybreak !

Greetings from between :chair: and :keyboard:


The thought that comes to MY mind is that any attempt by the person experiencing the problem to guess at the difficulty of the solution is bound to problematic! If it was really that easy, they would already know the answer!

Perhaps there might be a case to be made for an archive of problems solved that TURNED OUT to be easy after the fact - but I think Newbie covers the cases where the poster suspects they SHOULD be able to find it, and haven’t yet… (Yes, I post there myself sometimes, and for that reason!).

The only other category that might make sense to add (that I can think of ATM) is for things that cause little problem beyond annoyance or are easily worked around. Say, for instance, that shutdown is really slow, or you have to run a few commands at startup to make things OK (and automatic won’t do it). OTOH, we get through things pretty well as is! :grin:

The advanced search option provides the choice to search for solved issues.

Yes - for those who realize it! My thought was separating out the ones that were truly EASILY solved (remove the comment from here in this file) (run reflector-simple from welcome) (pick the number of the version you want when running yay to install)…

I don’t think it is a NEED, though.

It isn’t a bad idea, but then we need or more manpower or a person that works fulltime on EndeavourOS. We’re simply not in that place (yet) :wink:

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Some sort of advanced/AI pattern recognition (it’s already somewhat implemented in the current state) would be nice to have (example : when you are typing your issue in the new thread the forum throws similar threads where the issue was already solved) + a common form (example, one line asks you to describe the issue, another to upload the logs etc) might speed up the process of getting a solution but will also reduce the number of threads and human interaction so, idk.

It’s just a thought, I may be completely wrong and idiotic on this one :rofl:

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Isn’t part of being a Linux user encouraging a person to solve problems themselves? I would encourage humanity to start there before seeking help. We learn best by starting at home. Beyond that we have a great community but relying on hands to help does not help acquire knowledge always. Look at the problem first, and then if you cannot sort it ask for help. There are many answers. :grin:


Steady @pebcak how many Gnomes are in your garden? They are made of quite brittle material. If you break it where do you go then? :wink: :rofl:

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Ah… just a few!



Are they all laughing at me? OMG I think I need some KDE therapy! Or is your garden full of weeds? Time for the lawnmower or whatever you call it. Trim the garden, you are overrun!

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I guess i’ll be moving to “Gnome Man’s Land” soon!

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An apartment with no garden then? Welcome to NYC! :wink:

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Completely offtopic but (if you don’t mind) where are you from mate? I used to travel across the US with work in the late '90’s. Been to most States. Just curious, your perfect right to decline the request.

“Gnome Man’s Land” :wink:
Anyways I have never been to the States. I surely would have liked to. Maybe some day.

Oh, my mistake! Never mind, lots of beautiful places but but not the top of the list of places I have seen. Admittedly not as many as some lucky folk but seen a few.

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Online Purple is a good place to be! :grin:

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