Forum changes

I implemented three changes on the forum: The homepage displays the categories, fro now on you can react with a smiley on a post and you can add your flag in your profile.


Hi @Bryanpwo since the new Forum, some feedback :

  • the light theme doesn’t work for menu, it’s dark theme…I don’t know if you did on purpose or not ? If yes, would be better to use the logo with Endeavour in white writting to make it more visible.
  • I will place Donate inside MORE it’s not technical
  • I will place BUGS inside ENDEAVOUR it’s technical
  • Discovery without scrolling menu because is alone
  • NEWS and DISCOVERY are really better in 2 columns now, theme is great, more readable. :+1:

Here a SPACE MENU for EOS Astronauts :rocket:

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Another problem since the change. The “go-to-last-reply” short-cut feature no longer works. It just reloads the page.

Thank you for the feedback. The upper menu in the forum isn’t changeable for each theme, it’s either white or black. I chose for black and to make the transition a bit less contrasting, I used the header colour of the dark theme also in the light theme.
The logo is going to change, but yesterday I didn’t have time anymore to do it and by the time I was home yesterday, I had a little too much wine to do it. :wink:

Discovery looks a bit awkward for now, but very soon Discovery will get a Vlog section, that’s why it’s in a scrolling menu.

I will look into your other suggestions.

I’m aware of that, some minor things broke during the rebuild and apparantly that’s typical Discourse, I spoke with the guy who also made the Big Daddy Linux and Destination Linux sites and he confirmed that rebuilding an existing Discourse forum, break things. I’m not complaining because it is officially still in beta.
I’m busy looking for a solution.

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Does the shortcut work for you now?


It only works in the homepage (categories)

Yep, works on the HOMEPAGE (categories) not in (latest) and (top) and not in BUGS REPORT also.

Yesterday, at a cozy meeting, I also had a little wine. :slight_smile:

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It would be nice if you could jump back one level after reading a topic.

Could you explain one level? In case I’m searching for the wrong solution?

In the upper, black background, next to the EOS logo.

Again, I don’t what you mean with next level, new post, other category, previous page?

I saw that you changed the logo with white writting version but you changed also his proportionnality, writting too big vs the symbol, maybe a problem of size ?

Probably the dark background color was annoying to me.

@FLVAL scrolling down on a thread still shows the logo with text :thinking:

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Weird, for me on dark theme it’s not…Browser cache perhaps?
There are all kinds of weird stuff with forum today:

probably caused by same source…Wonder what one though :slight_smile:

@joekamprad @FLVAL after logout-login - i see same logo-scroll as on video too now on dark theme as well

Thanks for the feedback, I will got to check it.

EDIT : done

REDIT : EndeavourOS favicon is updated also without text which is not necessary on 32x32px cause you don’t read it at this size…


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