For your own curiosity - an approach to a simple old gpu test

A side approach (a bit like a layman’s way), that I’ve been using since around ~2005.
It’s even fun for young children that are around you or on a visit. :child: :boy: :girl:

As a test program to reuse old GPUs, from the used market, or people around you, throwing nice workstations with end of life licenses of proprietary OS.

$ sudo pacman -S armagetronad

If the game plays well, then any GNU/Linux machine with EndeavourOS will be usable for normal work; (email, web, office, etc …).

You can monitor it’s temperature for: intel i915 family and Arc, Amd, plus Nvidia “nouveau” drivers with:

$ sudo pacman -S xsensors

Have fun with those electric TRON bicycles :wink: