For systemd-boot, how to change BTRFS root subvolume name after install

I installed BTRFS with all the default subvolumes names, and updated fstab, and for root, also updated the .conf files in /efi/loader/entries and fixed “rootflags”. And all seemed cool until I updated the system, and the .conf files reverted to using “@” as the subvolume name for root.

There must be some “mother” .conf of the .conf files that I must modify so that regenerated entries have the right subvolume? If so, pray tell where that is. Thanks

Are you using dracut?

In that case you can edit /etc/kernel/cmdline followed by a reinstall-kernels

I am not sure, but this might even work if you do not use dracut

Not sure if I understand this properly. Do you want to change the name of your root subvolume from @ to something else?

Did you change the name of the subvolume itself on the btrfs partition?

I am not sure how EnOS’ automation for generating loader entries handle this. Perhaps it is “name agnostic”.

The entry conf files are generated. You shouldn’t modify them.

Instead, modify /etc/kernel/cmdline and regenerate the conf files.

I don’t even know what “dracut” is, or why i’d use it, but if ain’t part of the default install w/o internet, then I’m not using it. But, apparently from my test of one, your solution works for me regardless. Thanks.

dracut has been part of the default install since we released Cassini last year.

Only older installs do not have it by default.

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