For KDE loving people XerosLinux

And the github link:

I think it’s another “Garuda” but it’s just me.


I don’t understand what you mean by another “Garuda.”

It’s just one person’s preferred Linux setup they are making available to others. Seems pretty simple -

This is XeroLinux - an Arch-based Distro with KDE Plasma Desktop, a personal project I am working on that I thought I would share, in case someone out there shares my passion for building Linux.


I was referring to the theming. I already read the pages. Why do you guys always have to nitpick everything?

Who is “you guys?”

I just didn’t know what you meant by “another Garuda,” which is why I asked.


There’s not much on that page (yet), but people might be interested in their GitHub repos:

and their latest blog post:


I like KDE. So maybe i try this one. :thinking:

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I don’t want to be a gobble gobble, but this gives me the Garuda vibes. I mean, I like the concept, but why do people make distros that always have those macOS-like desktops and the Sweet theme preinstalled? The distro itself looks…ok. Either way, everyone has different tastes, different opinions and I will respect them regardless of anything. I will keep an eye on this one to see it’s progress in the long run :turkey:

I think this is more of a “personal distro” they are sharing to inspire others to undertake and build their own distro from Arco Linux Create your own

Arco website. Still so whacky in layout and design, maybe for his own class presentation purposes.

I was taking a look at the livecd… It seems to be a nice arch distro based, but nothing special… apart from that, i dont like very much KDE, just a subjetive opinion.

I rather prefer Arcolinux, but i’m comfy with Endeavour.

I prefer EndeavourOS and even though i like KDE no thanks!

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Which is a good thing, right? :wink:

User-centric <------> Distro-centric
Arch EnOS Garuda

At first I thought this thread was about xerox. :printer:

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I love that terminal and integrated menu shown in the TecHut review.

But the wobbly windows… such a bad idea, nothing for me, would drive me nuts!

Wobbly windows &c are for those ALREADY nuts… and none the worse for that. When you add in spinning cubes with fish swimming in them, and rotating alt-tab selectors, and magic lamps and burning raindrops - you have something that Windows can’t do, however unproductive it all may be.

Yes, I ran Beryl (and Compiz, and Unity) for years - and those things have their place…


Well wobbly windows is just a checkmark to disable :wink:
I loaded it this morning and I rather like what they’ve done…but I was already mostly a KDE convert (though I like tiling window managers too).


:pray: for share :+1: Think i pass.

That’s always the first thing I enable after an installation. Wobbly windows is a necessity. :wink:
One of the main reasons I would never use a Windowmanager.


Made for me. :smiley:


After a few beers…the wobbly windows feels mesmerising…

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What? Wobbly windows with magic lamp is the best feature in KDE. It makes KDE very smooth and fluid when dragging windows… I like these two features the most of anything. Those are the ONLY settings i use on KDE. I wouldn’t use any other desktop effects because these are the most mild and non annoying features yet! Everything else forget it!

Edit: You want to know what’s annoying. Gnome when the whole desktop moves all the time accessing anything. :rofl: