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after uninstalling gnome-desktop, xfce4-policyagentkit error. I ended up reinstalling Eos, because I had an error in the “failed authentication” application manager, and I couldn’t install polkit even in TTY. Any options to repair this in tty ??

how did you installed gnome-desktop ?

xfce4 does use gnome-polkit but thats in autostart , if you go from Displaymanager to TTY should not affect like sudo pacman …,

but gnome-polkit is depency of xfce4-session that means you also removed that also ,

but how did you removed gnome-desktop ?

to connect what happened…

In auto start was all enabled, pacman -S gnome in terminal. Gnome-polkit missing in etc/xdg/autostart. I deleted gnome with pacman - Rsun . Reinstalled xfce in try, and unlucky. Sudo thunar don’t let me to put gnome -polling again in etc/Xdg/autostart.

mm pacman -Rsun i never used :slight_smile:
try sudo pacman -S polkit-gnome

whas a type mistake btw polkit-gnome :slight_smile:

check in xfce autostart if those are selected to autostart …

if not create a new one that with following :slight_smile:


if you type in terminal now :


you get some message ?

systemctl status polkit.service

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Yes , all was enabled . Didn’t work because I had pacman error. Authentication failed . But now is done , reinstalling eos . Thx and bookmarked.