Football Manager

I bought the 2021 edition two days ago.
I’m already very afraid to start the game due to its extreme addiction potential. (Semi)-lockdown makes it worse.

Can I save Schalke from relegation?

Any other Managers here?

(football in this context means soccer)

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The rustling of jimmies will commence in T-5...4...

Well, yes, foot-ball, as in: using one’s foot to impart momentum upon a ball (a spherical object, BTW). Makes total sense.

Warning: rustling levels approaching critical in 3...2...

Besides, “soccer” is a stupid term with equally stupid etymology. It is an abbreviation for “association football” (“assoc”. + “er”, a slang suffix), but chosen because “asser” sounded too vulgar. :nerd:

The advantage of the term “soccer” is that it is unambiguous.
But the game is called Football Manager, formerly known as Championship Manager, developed by Brits :wink:

You can tell it wasn’t developed in the US from the lack of “World”. :smile:


I play it a lot. Although I do play it on Shadow Tech Cloud Gaming on Linux :ok_hand:

No :stuck_out_tongue:

Here it works really well with Proton-GE and disabled esync and fsync.
After 20 hours, no crashes or anything like that.

It’s indeed quite difficult in my current game, Schalke is sitting just a couple of points from relegation places in December 2020 :wink: