Food envy!

So very much want to buy this

First time i had jack fruit i thought someone was trying to trick me into eating meat. it is a plant but it has a texture like meat. I literally do not want to eat it because i think it’s too confusing…

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Plant-based meat? You mean meat coming from animals that eat plants, like beef, right?



beans! and some jack fruit

yep some beans & gmo =)


No gmos with these beans

everything has its price, more different products is more ask of sort of plants to produce. Like in argentina they has soya beans that can survive toxic fluids to fight against insect sort of things naturaly plants was already death… they tell less carbon in the air but they get shipped by ship… and they are not electro drivven… and the proteine of such products is not the same as meat… i won’t even call meat… But in market more ask so it need to produce more then the asking of the market… world not say necesary healthy.

it’s true that plant protein isn’t the same as animals. when animal protein breaksdown in the liver it produces a lot of sulfur based acids and requires the use of calcium to neutralize it and that is often leeched from the bones and teeth. sheep for example that are pen kept and fed fishmeal develop bowed legs and become so severe in some cases as to be unable to stand. it’s truly awful what animal protein can do

Meat proteine you dont need so mucj. To mucg meat is also not healthy you must eat way more plants to have same proteine level but then your stomacj need a longer line to digest like a cow…a colorfull diet is always good with some meat in the mix and some milk to breakdown red meat

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I’m right there with you. I’ve never been healthier since going paleo almost 15 years ago. I never have wheat, and rarely have grains or legumes of any sort. Meat/Veg/Fruit was the best decision of my life.

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Same here, real Meat/Veg/Fruit :grinning:

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Nothing processed. If you can catch and grill, or pick and eat, it’s probably real food!

Sometimes I try to go a couple weeks where I won’t eat anything with a nutrition label. Embrace being human!