Font Suggestions - feedback

Ok so found a good post on reddit (yes, I know, I am just as shocked) that sorted out my fonts something awesome… now see I thought “maybe I should suggest it as default for Endeavour OS” but then I realized it works “for me”…

So can you all test it too? If its somewhat universal, maybe we can suggest it to the devs? It looks brilliant to me but maybe it looks like crap to you?

If not Endeavour OS Plasma edition could have the sweetest preset fonts of all

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I think this is going to the problem with any “default” font choice. Not only are fonts very much a matter of personal preference but what people perceive to be better differs from person to person. Everyone has different priorities here. What is important? Accuracy? Smoothness? Crispness? etc.


One thing i would mention though, whatever distro choose as defaults for fontconfig is absolutely must be:

  • Consistent
  • Multi-lingual, more languages - better.

For example a lot of distros like Manjaro use Noto as default sets for OS itself, which is very good choice for multi-lingual, but fontconfig use defaults which usually doesn’t have very wide support for languages, so if you come across some web-page with let say sentences in: english, chinese, russian - it will be complete mess of very different fonts.

There’s that :slight_smile:


The reason we picked Noto for Plasma (and Hack for terminals) was, as you say, the wealth of choices - the upshot is that this also have some pretty good font settings in general AND I think the font chosen also functions for different languages.

Plus considering the feedback speed for non-compliant fonts a smaller distro like Endeavour OS this could be sorted rather quickly - which is why I would love for others to test it before suggesting it.

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Yes but that is true of all choices. When we chose Noto it was because it was simply so broad. The downside is that fontsettings didn’t function for choices since the selection is so wide.

Unlike picking a font for a DE (which needs to be universal) this may work to either test or improve the font that brings a better result (or not) as Endeavour OS the selections is not only smaller but also way more focused as a group.

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That’s what i’m saying - it’s not (for example Libertinus Serif is very limited in it’s language support).

Surely you can get pretty good pairings visually / aesthetically for some scenarios (and it’s very easy to get pleasing results for let’s say english only), but you can’t beat whole font sets for all fontconfig options:
Noto Sans
Noto Serif
Noto Mono

etc, which also requires ideally noto-fonts-cjk, which is ~300 Mb (not likely it will be default for Arch ever, for obvious reasons).

You can get somewhere if you try to go full tex-gyre-fonts, which has brilliant support (but still not close to something like Noto or Microsoft / Apple core fonts)…
Still i don’t think you’ll get far with Arch, for some reason they don’t change default fontconfig at all and leave that to user (worst part is that DEs doesn’t offer to change that either, so you have to know about fontconfig existence to figure out what’s going on :exploding_head: ), which i think is not good defaults.


But that’s the whole idea/concept with Arch. It’s what I love the most about it; it mostly ships vanilla packages from upstream and leaves configuration decisions up to the users.


Well endeavour can swap defaults and improve through testingwhen we picked Noto it was done as the easiest choice. That said arch has availability to improve font config defaults which Plasma didnt have

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Yeah i fully agree with basic concept as well, however that would be exception where i personally draw a line :laughing:

However i agree - maybe it’s valid criticism for something like Manjaro, not pure Arch or EndeavourOS which follows Arch closely


Not really…

Whole idea is to keep as 99,99% Arch as they could, with nice installer and community :slight_smile:
Because it’s easier to maintain…

However fontconfig in


probably shouldn’t be that big of a deal for any distro i’d say. :upside_down_face:

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