Font problem in Audacious


New EnOS user here. Just installed EnOS on my macbook pro. Love it!

Currently having a font display issue in a few apps, for example Audacious. The font in the UI is obvious off from the system setting. See pic in the link,

Have tried to force it in ~/.config/audacious/gtkrc & ~/.gtkrc-2.0. No luck so far. Had the same issue in gimp. Was able to fix it in ~/.config/GIMP/2.10/gtkrc.

I am currently using nvidia-340xx driver.

Ask suggestions? Thanks

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what is your DE? (Desktop Environment)

Probably this is dreaded fontconfig, some programs (like Firefox even) use it’s defaults, which have different settings than system on most of DEs…

Try running those commands, and see which results you’ll get:

fc-match Sans
fc-match Seriff
fc-match Mono

P.S. Oh, and welcome! :partying_face:

welcome @chroot :smiley:

@joekamprad Hi Joe, I am using XFCE with EnOS default them (it’s awesome).

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Thanks for the info. It’s indeed caused by incorrect DPI setting in fontconfig. It’s resolved by setting correct xft.dpi in ~/.Xdefaults ( took a shortcut :slight_smile: ) .