Flickering screen on 4K monitor

I’m a new user to endeavourOS so first of all I’m sorry if this is a known issue and I missed it.

My setup is a 7800x3d with a 7900xtx connected to a 4K monitor. For some reason, the monitor goes black for a few seconds before going back to normal only when I use EndeavourOS. This issue does not show up in Windows.

I also noticed that, the screen goes to black whenever there is significant changes to the display elements on screen. For example, when I alt+tab, open a new app, open a new tab, open a dropdown etc. But, when I don’t do anything (e.g. just reading an article, there is no issue with the screen).

Another observation is that, this only happens when I have the display resolution set to 4K (no matter the refresh rate). I suspected that this issue is due to bandwidth/refresh rate so I tried lowering the display resolution to 1440p. Then, the problem immediately goes away.

Other infos:

  • I installed amdgpu package.
  • I’m using budgie.
  • For some reason, 200% scaling does not work on all display resolutions. When I select it, the screen flickers and then goes back to 100% scaling (including the option). The issue is only with 200% scaling, not 300%. Putting this here in case it is relevant as it seems to be a symptom of the root cause.

I just read the intro post, here’s my hardware info to help: