Flatpak missing it's progress bar

Good day
I’ve just installed a fresh instance of EOS and almost instantly flatpak cli lost ability to render the progress bar, only “?” are now present. I’ve seen suggestions to redo locale.conf, but mine is generated properly (though I only left the en_US in the LANG parameter, everything else is changed to en_GB because metric and dd.mm.yyyy date format). And I also had no time to mess with system fonts, so that cause is out of the question as well. I’ve had a solition to this issue, but didn’t commit it to memory or to put it into writing, and now I’m unable to even find it on the internet. If some stranger were to help, I’d be grateful to the rest of my days.

Uh… just genuine quick question… has this problem been solved already or nope~?

Hi @Dux, check that you have a UTF-8 locale set. Run this command to check:


If not, uncomment one in /etc/locale.gen and then regenerate the locale:

sudo locale-gen
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Heya @BluishHumility, thanks for replying!

Me reading your comment gave me some ideas that I think did solve the problem… I will just share what I did here, so…

I did some additional things first in /etc/environment and added these lines in it:


after that, I went ahead and did what @BluishHumility said about uncommenting one UTF-8 locale in /etc/locale.gen and executing:

sudo locale-gen

after doing that, I logged out, logged back in, and now its fixed~

Once again, thank you @BluishHumility for this comment, made me learn more stuff about Linux :smiley: