Flash Player reaches end-of-life on December 31, 2020

Flash Player reaches end-of-life on December 31, 2020. After this date, it will be removed from the Arch repos since it is no longer supported. (61/80)


But if i have it installed will it be removed or can i keep it for some remembrance thingy?


Save the package while you can :smiley:


As far is i know, it won’t be removed from your system. Its just an abandoned package then


Agree 100%, cause you know there will be a ton of sites that have had plenty of time to switch to HTML5 and just won’t do it till forced.

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Personally I am overjoyed. The best part is that Adobe Connect depends on Flash. Cynical as I am I am only 70% certain that Adobe’s right hand will be aware of what the left hand does and actually update Adobe Connect before then…

Personally I’m saddened because no matter what anyone say’s i have always used flash. Still have it…so when i come across something that uses or needs it. It’s there waiting … It’s not as evil as everyone makes it out. To each his own! :man_shrugging:t2:

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It has a warm place in my heart.
I’ve made my first real serious money on creating .as3 Flash program :space_invader:

Also there is a lot of very cool art and games made with it… :yum:

I just don’t have a problem with it. Webm is great too but not all websites are using it. Plus google controls it like everything and i don’t particularly like proprietary! There are still some old school sites that flash is used.

Yea unfortunately that happen because of the shear greed in the pricing of their paid programs.

btw if you want to save something valuable in particular from web, you still have time to add something here:

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I didn’t use any of it so i really can’t say much. But i know what you mean. Most adobe products were too expensive and then they went to this paid subscription service. Just look at adobe photoshop, adobe premiere etc…etc… I get it!

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I’m sure it will be available in the AUR.

and pepperflash? :slight_smile:

i got pepperflash too.