Flameshot planning meeting

For any who are interested in helping a FOSS project, Flameshot, an extremely handy screenshotting tool, is planning a meeting for the way forward for the tool. The dev who created it got a bit overwhelmed with its popularity and the community is coordinating to help him. The meeting is happening today at 16:00 UTC in about 2 hours.

See this comment for more info on the meeting:


Thanks for posting this. Flameshot is a great tool and I hope the community jumps in and keeps it going.


Yea, it’s the best one I’ve found for my use and I was quite disappointed when I looked a few months ago and saw the project was seemingly abandoned. Nothing else I’ve found has the handy marking tools in a package like this.


I’m using it as my screenshot app. I love its many annotation features.

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Well I’ll give this a :fire:shot

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New version just released with some good addtions.

The new integrated pixelate and counter functions look great.