Flameshot icon gone

I’m sooooo sad, my flameshot icon has disappeared from my xfce panel and has been replaced by an exclamation mark.
Changing icontheme didn’t matter.

Am I alone here?

Make sure Flameshot is up to date, right click it, click “Check for updates”, wait for it to say no updates available and it’ll fix itself (At least it did the job for me, I’m on XFCE too).

I think it’s a new feature/tutorial to show people that Flameshot stays in the tray? I had a question mark in mine.

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I’ve had this happen in Plasma, just had to manually edit the launcher and re-select the icon. I assume you can do something similar in XFCE also.

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That did the job!


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I was rebooting yesterday when doing system updates just fine with the icon staying good. :man_shrugging:

Today it told me it’s in the tray again, so if it goes back to the :exclamation:, change showStartupLaunchMessage=true to false in ~/.config/flameshot/flameshot.ini

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Yes, same here, rebooted and the icon is gone again.
Ill change that config.

There is another thing that changed.
After making a screenshot and uploading it to imgur it no longer presents me with a window where I was able to make a choice to upload or copy the link.
It just uploads silently and a message pops up telling me that the link is saved at the clipboard.

I personally never used the upload feature. But looking at the change log it seems intentional, as there’s a new menu.



All imgur uploads are now tracked in the "Upload History" menu. This makes it much easier to delete of images off imgur or find the upload link later.

I should have found this info myself…
But thanks again @Oziach !

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You’re good! I myself am lazy on checking up things like this, especially when system updates are so streamlined, just taking changes at face value and discovering things as I go along.