Flagged out of date AUR Packages 2

Just a quick question are the below nvidia AUR packages going to eventually be updated.

libxnvctrl-470xx nvidia-470xx-dkms nvidia-470xx-settings nvidia-470xx-utils

Likely. But note that the AUR is the Arch User Repository and unless the maintainer of one of those AUR packages happens to read your question here people here would in essence not know. Anyone and everyone can publish to the AUR and you’d then foremost need to contact the maintainer on/via the AUR.

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Thank you rene , I guess I shall just have to wait and see if out of date AUR packages
get updated.

You could download the PKGBUILD and try to update it with the latest versions, and install it locally. Although the newer versions may have new files or missing files that might be different from the currently version in AUR.

It’s hard (but not impossible) to gripe about a maintainer that isn’t getting paid for it. Though when things are like 2 months or more out of date, I kinda think we need a new maintainer.

In principal you can inform the maintainer here: https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/nvidia-470xx-dkms, but someone has already done that. Note that there are some useful info behind that link.

By the way, it is @jonathon who is the maintainer of the package.

thank you all for your help.
I’ll wait and see if nvidea AUR packages get eventually updated.

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