Fix for people doing clean installs and having problems with scrolling on Firefox

So I decided to do a clean install yesterday when I noticed that Firefox scrolling was really choppy and strange

First I tried installing another Distro, then another DE and it was all the same, but it was still working fine on my old installs, even fully updated

I discovered the problem after comparing about:config rules. For some reason new installs of Firefox have one particular rule changed which causes this. I’m not sure when it happened but here is the fix…

In about:config, type “smooth” in the search area. You’ll see the following entry several lines down:


change it from 100 to 0 then save it, and everything will be normal


Just checked this with my firefox-beta-bin that I installed a few day’s ago where I noticed the perfect fluid scrolling of Firefox was suddenly as bad as the “smooth” scroll version on Chromium browsers.

This is indeed the preference that fixes it. Nice find!