First time user to endeavoros using Cinnamon

Having been a Manjaro user for the past 5 years, I must say endeavoros looks and runs good. I’m currently running Cinnamon (had KDE on last night) too busy with it’s many windows and extensive interface. Cinnamon is pretty smooth and just right, much simpler interface. You guy’s have done a great job with the installation software also. Kudo’s to everyone involved with this distro. (btw I’ve been distro hopping for 25 years and this is where I’m at now. Linux is getting better and better. Thanks for the fine work.



Welcome. Yeah, I came off of Manjaro myself and I’m not going to lie but tried going back a few times. Just can’t do it. I run XFCE myself and it’s so smooth. I find it easier with Endeavour and the folks here are really nice and helpful.

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Cinnamon is my second favorite DE.

Try adding the papirus icons, they fit very well.

Personally I’ve come to like the Eleganse Theme.

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Cinnamon didn’t seem simple at all to me :sweat_smile:

25 years…wow

Hope you’ll enjoy Endeavour, there are many people here coming from or still using Manjaro I believe (I am one of them, although I haven’t used it for as long as you) :slight_smile:

I feel like a LOT of us have/do use Manjaro still. The Arch based distro world seems to have a lot of overlap.

@rich52, welcome! It’s a great place. I’m also Cinnamon user from KDE. It’s nice to just have something that works. It’s great for getting things done and out of the way.