First Time Installer (my two cents)

First off great job Endeavour team! Installed without a hitch.
Such a breath of fresh air that I just had to donate to this project. Keep it up. Love what your doing

If your reading this and your using ENDEAVOUR-OS consider making a donation to these guys. I know any little bit helps because if everyone does a little something it can really add up. So put your money in the right place and show your appreciation of there hard work.

**DON’T JUST BE A JIMMY = “Gimme Gimme My Name Is Jimmy I’ll take all you Can Gimme.”
That is a user and a loser attitude and will never get you anywhere in this life. It took me more time to find my wallet than to input just my name+email+CC info and donate. Easy. Merry Christmas

Little about me.
First installed Red hat way back in 1999 and was that a chore. I was so green to how Linux worked that I foolishly deleted a whopping 100GB USB drive full of MP3 downloaded from Napster. I walked around cursing myself for days that I should have just thought first before I hit that enter button and saw all those hours of downloads over dial-up go poof. Gone!
Of course that’s when i learned about NAS and that never happened again. After Red Hat I switched to Ubuntu and that only lasted till Manjaro (MJ) and I was hooked. Got so tired of reinstalling Ubuntu just to stay current. I’ve never installed Arch not because I was intimidated but just didn’t have the time or inclination to learn the minuet details if i could just use MJ. I’ve been using MJ from the beginning to a few days ago.

Install thoughts: My System Details in Pic Below
I use a Visio 55 inch 4K TV for Monitor

Simple install process. I installed to a NVME drive not a virtual machine.
I use only KDE. Its has everything i want and then some and It never crashes.
Although first crash ever happened on initial install. With KDE I usually go first to System Settings and download the Global Theme Harmony. When I did this right after login the online list of themes would allow me to install Harmony but if I chose another theme it would crash. Same thing goes for Icon themes that I tried to download and cursor themes as well but that was it for the crashes. Hasn’t happened since.

I have my own .bashrc file and when I looked at the system one i was confused by all the long alias and such.
When I update pacman my alias is

alias puds="sudo pacman -Syyu && du -sh /var/cache/pacman/pkg"

Other little quarks that i was used to with MJ are non existent with this install.
Well thats all I can think of for now I’ll post separate things I do to setup a Synology NAS really quickly and how I add a BAKUP Drive. I don’t know it they are the right way to do it but it works!

Thanks Endeavour Team


Welcome aboard!

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Thanks from the Sunshine State. Florida USA

Welcome to the forum.

There is no need to do the double y’s unless you’ve changed your mirror list since the last local package database refresh.


What desktop setup is that? KDE, yeah? Whatever theme it is, it looks great.

Welcome to the community! :wave:

You know I was just rereading about using pacman commands. Man the dude who wrote that program sure included every thing but the kitchen sink. Really bright guy.
OK i’ll just use Syu thanks.

welcome !!

A 100GB usb stick?
That must have been an expensive one in 1999…

BTW, back in 1999 I was one of the cool kids, I used an Iomega Zip 100 drive.

100 MB, though, not GB.

All the kids in my school envied1 me during the computer science classes. I even had a nice, bright red, plastic briefcase for the drive, LPT cable, and the diskettes. :slight_smile:

1 This might be an exaggeration, an embelished telling of the story from the protagonist’s subjective point of view.


HHHhhhh. You guys are cracking me up. No it was a WD black cased USB drive external. I had one of those Zip drives. I don’t think it lasted for a few months when they started putting HDD in a case and calling it Portable. I guess it sure beat caring around a bunch of floppies.


My dad had one of these drives back in the day, brings back memories.

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Hey fosskers It is a KDE theme called Harmony Dark.


Judd Viney was the founding father of Archlinux and pacman
Of course there have been many contributors since then and I want to thank each and every one of them.


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I’ve still got one in a cupboard. Still works fine under Linux (though unsurprisingly it’s not particularly useful unless you need something which “boots from floppy disk”).

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I probably still have mine somewhere on the shelves. Haven’t tried it on a modern system, since it’s quite obsolete. But back in the day, it was pretty awesome. :slight_smile:

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Gee- none of you went the logical next step, and had a JAZ drive! Much more storage… :grin:

Still have both - and no parallel port to hook 'em up on the last 5 machines. Maybe I should see if they are more useful on the Amiga?


I never had a Zip drive, but I had a Jaz drive that I used for a couple of years.

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Welcome to the community :beers:

Welcome @tulambin