First install on new AMD hardware

… and everything goes wrong. I can’t hold keys shorrttt eeeeenough to avoid this. And my oldddd tttrrrrruusssty Acer 1920x1080 screen sssssssssssssshows as unknown aaaaaaaaaand I can’t cccchange anyyy settinnngsss. Nvidia drrrivers arre instaaaaaalled.

What’sss wwrronnnng?



:rofl: (sorry, I couldn’t resist, I know it’s not nice)
Anyway, every DE should have a keyboard setting utility and there should be a setting for key repeat delay.
I do not know what MATE uses for the settings but try to look there.

Do you have the same problem with the keyboard in a tty?

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I have two questions:

  1. Did this also happen in the live environment?
  2. Have you checked your cables?

Hi vlkon, usually itÄssssss nottt neeeceessaaaaary to fidddddle wwwith keybaard settingsss, everything iss ussuallyyy ok. I use Mate sssssince 2014 as my desktttttop. What isss a tty?

One more thing you can check is X11 setting.

xset -q

and look for auto repeat

You can disable it for the time being
xset r off
or change the time delay
xset r rate 660 25 (my setting)

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Hi Johnaaathon,
No, in live envvvvvo aaaand dddddurring isntallation eeeryyythingwas ssstill fffffffinee. Only aaaaaafter restaart tthen problemss began.

YEss, pluggeed and unplugged HDMI caaaaable.

virtual console - what you get when you pres Ctrl+Alt+F1 (or any F1-F6)

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I think the live installer uses kernel 5.10, so this might be a regression with 5.11. Try installing and booting linux-lts to see if the issue persists.

If your keyboard is a USB keyboard then there could be a USB device playing up. Check each connected device in turn, and also try connecting your keyboard to a different port (and also e.g. directly to the port rather than via a hub).

Did you spill something on your keyboard? Maybe honey or glue ?

Hello @Orca
What type of keyboard is it? I have had this issue also on certain distros that use installer scripts. But never had it on EndeavourOS. This is with a mechanical keyboard and mouse combo which are usb. They are CoolerMaster MS121 set.

Never used, never needed. Is that like the Terminal?

Oh good idea. So Imma install LTS Kernel. Don’t wanna, but if you say I must, so be it. Weird, this ISO 02.03 didn’t give me problems on another machine I installed it on.
And yes, my keyboard is USB and always directly in port. Ok, lemme try the LTS kernel first.

:crazy_face: Whaaaaat? Naaaw, I just pulled it out off my Lenovo ThinkCentre and plugged it into my updated/upgraded gamer.

Mine is a MS Storm TKL mechanical thing I’m using since years on diverse distros. on EOS since half a year or so and never experienced and problems. Stuff like that, screen resolution, keyboard must work straight outta the box!

I suspect it’s the motherboard. My hardware lady says it already came in an opened box from the supplier. :frowning:

It’s THE Terminal. :wink:
Basicaly it’s the most functional environment when you need to troubleshoot your computer - closest to the kernel and not influenced by your desktop environment. There is way more sophisitcated technical explanation somewhere on the internet.
I use it frequenty when I run pacman updates since in a very specific scenarion when there is an update to the desktop environment your terminal emulator may crash (and you have only a partial update) but tty does not.

Did you check xset -q values as I mentioned earlier? Do you have there some odd values for “auto repeat” timing?

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Oh, the terminal! I use that thing all time for installation of softwares and update checks. New trick I just learned a couple days ago: I just type yay and it updates Pacman and AUR. Practical, no?

Yes, I was on xset, fuxn geeky stuff that. :o And I changed some settings, forgot which. And it didn’t change anything anyway. :frowning: But I put another keyboard on that computer, old Logitech membrane stuff … and it works! :o Maybe AMD B550 chipset don’t like to play with Cherry mechanical keys?

Oh, and I managed to install Nvidia 460.56 driver and my screen is back to 1920x1080.
\o/ Whooohoo! \o/
Damn fine computer i got now.


I would not blame the switch but the controler inside the keyboard. Common problem with mechanical keyboards is that they have N-key rollover. It is good for key detection during gaming but some computers have problem with it. Standard HID keyboard dirvers expect 6-key rollover which is more than fine for typing (unless you are ultra-fast typist :smile:). Older BIOS may sometimes completely reject the keyboard.

If that is the issue it may be possible to use for example libusb hidapi but I am affraid that is beyond my understanding how to put it all together.


Actually there are two newer Bios updates for that board that are for better compatibility and stability on usb 2.0 ports and hub plus other performance enhancements for Ryzen.


Rick, I only got the machine back yesterday, directly from the Gigabyte agents, and there are 2 new BIOSes for it already?

Well you’ll have to check the version. From what you posted that’s what it looks like? If you check your version first and then look up on the Gigabyte site you’ll see. I just looked at the info you posted with inxi but need to be confirmed.

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