Firewalld - Questions


I’m trying to setup the firewalld “home-zone” for my private (home) net.

What services and/or ports do I need to enable for accessing my NAS (QNAP)?
For printing I need to enable ipp and ipp-client. Are there any other services/port I need for my daily (home) office work?

For connecting to Nextcloud shares, are there any services/ports needed?


Are you connecting from your computer to some other device (NAS)? Then you do not have to open any port on your computer, because outgoing calls are by default not blocked.

The listening device (eg. NAS) has to allow ports for “in” direction. I think Nextcloud uses http(s) which are ports 80 and 443.
As for QNAP I would expect the device already has all necessary ports open from the production but you can look at this page for list of used ports. I do not have it myself so I cannot confirm its accuracy.